Hi there!! We are Team WISH! Our names are Shirley Watson, Crane Ichabod, Viktor Stein, and Jaden Hyde!!! We're a RWBY OC team comprised of Rangers! As Rangers we're a special group of Hunters who specialize in recon/spec-ops missions. Each of our team members hail from each of the four Kingdoms to help show the friendship we share between them. If you have any questions about Rangers don't be afraid to ask us. We're always here for ya! ASK AWAY!!! XD

*sniffles* Jaden walked over to his room window as he looked down at the many buildings in the Beacon campus…. The sick Head of Security, wrapped in a blanket, was saddened that he couldn’t do his job today and felt like he was needed somewhere…. He sighed as he pressed his warm forehead against the glass. “Hmm… I sure do hope the students behave themselves today… It would suck if there was something happening and I couldn’t be there to stop it…” he said before turning back and sliding back into bed… “Being sick sucks….”

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ordinaryworlddreamer replied to your post:(( Hrmmm…. Jaden, Beacon’s Head of Security, and…

  • Robbery tear gas? Bad cafeteria food? Grimm sickness? Oh, hope you get better soon!
    (( lol Who knows? All we can do now is just pray that the students behave themselves at Beacon whilst he’s ill. ^-^ lol ))
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I ate too much candy.


(( Hrmmm…. Jaden, Beacon’s Head of Security, and person who’s job it is to stop dangerous things from happening in the school, seems to have fallen deathly ill today…. Very strange for something like to have happened to him on such a wonderful day…. I wonder why this happened?….)) *bounces eyebrows*


(( Who knows? I guess it’s anyone’s guess… I guess all we’ll have to do is just enjoy the first episode of RWBY Vol.2 and pray that he makes a speedy recovery! ))


"Uh-Hooooo man…. I don’t feel so good….." Jaden said as he stumbled a bit around his room…"Why is everything so dizzy? Ugh, why is my nose all stuffed up? Ngh! And my tummy hurts! Hrrggh…. Aw no…. I can’t be….."


”!!!!!!” Jaden’s cheeks puff up as he places his hand to his mouth and rushes to his bathroom, only to puke in his own toilet. “BLAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!! Aw man! I am sick!” he sniffled his nose and groaned.


"This….. sucks….. ass! I can’t be sick…. *sniffles* I got a job to do…." he said as he crawled out of his bathroom and onto his bed. "But dammit! I can barely move! I bet it was one of those kids from Vacuo that gave me this sickness! Gah!" he said flopping onto his back as he reached for a tissue to blow his nose.


*sniffle* “Yep…. it’s milky green…. that’s not good…. I guess that means I’m gonna have to call in sick today….” Jaden said as he reached for his tac pad and recorded a message to Glynda. *sniffles and groans* “Ngh, Mooooom….. I don’t feel so good today! I think I may have caught something from one of the students…. *sniffles* My head hurts, my nose is running, my belly aches, and I’m freezing and burning up at the same time!…. I…Sorry, but I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to work today…. Let me know when you get this message…..”


"Hergh!" Jaden then rushes to a the nearest trashcan and pukes inside it. "Oh dear God! That tasted nasty!!"


He then crawled back to his bed and notified his friends of his sickness. Afterwards, he sat in bed and watched T.V. “Eh, it’s only the 2nd semester of school…. What  could possibly go wrong?” he said trying to reassure himself before he drifted back to sleep.

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It was a long journey from the city of Vale. Jaden had taken time off from his job as Beacon’s Head of Security and was on a journey of his own. Since he was certain that all the gadgets and technologies he built to keep Beacon safe from attacks, Jaden wanted to see if anyone…

"Hmm? Oh, hello there." Jaden smiled and chuckled nervously at the man. "Heh, yes actually I do need a bit of help, actually. You see I actually came on a business venture from Vale, more specifically from Beacon Academy. Are you a school staff member here?" Jaden asked the man.